About Manor Farm

Manor farm sits at the west end of Thixendale. It was built in 1843, and was once part of the Sykes Family’s Sledmere Estate.

We farm a variety of arable crops, and produce meat and wool from our sheep, which we lamb through April. Piglets fill the barn, and Highland cattle and sheep graze the steep dalesides. Geese are fattened for Christmas, and Buff Orpingtons peck in the paddock and lay beautiful orange yolked eggs. Three wonderful sheepdogs work the sheep, and live with us in the warmth.

Horses are a great part of our lives, and as a family we have been very fortunate to enjoy many happy, successful times with all of them, in both the hunting and point to pointing field. The breeding continues, and we are now on the fifth generation of the same breed.

The garden, which is open to the public, surrounds the farmhouse. For opening times and details, please read about the Manor Farm Open Garden.

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