Fabric & Flora

Fabric & Flora “House and garden, one is not complete without the other.”

Fabric & Flora has evolved from my life long passion for beautiful fabrics, furnishings and plants.

I have had the enjoyment of designing a few gardens for clients in Yorkshire and beyond. Please enquire if interested in help with planting schemes and garden designs.

Around the garden are examples of upholstered and painted furniture, hand sewn cushions, fabric remnants, as well as garden objects in wire, wood and a variety of pots and containers. I hope they provide inspiration for your own garden. Many of these will be marked for sale. Fabric & Flora source both modern and antique furniture and textiles for the house and garden, and whether you have a few pots in a courtyard, or a large expanse of garden, Fabric & Flora are delighted to help with design, colour and textures.

A choice of homegrown plants from the garden are available for sale.

Contact details and directions.