Manor Farm Open Garden

The garden began in 1988, by planting a boundary hedge. Since then it has become a constant labour of love, and sometimes a frustrating challenge to find out what plants will survive in this frost pocket, 500’ above sea level.

Deep mixed shrub and herbaceous borders surround the main lawns, and “rooms” have been created to provide shelter and interest. There is a small knot garden by the ruined shed, with topiary shapes. Here you can sit in the arbour, and listen to the little waterfall that trickles out amongst the stones and plants.

A long pergola planted with roses, honeysuckles and clematis leads to an area planted for spring interest with Hellebores a particular passion. To the other side there is a new bespoke lead roofed summerhouse with a formal pool and sphere. Here we sit and watch the swallows swoop. A splendid stone trough sits on the flags. There is minimal planting, but the surrounding trellis has many climbers growing through it.

Across the front lawn, edged with tall topiary shapes, lavender, and yew cones, a curved pergola leads to an enclosed rock and alpine area. Then a small courtyard leads to the garden room that is overflowing with Pelargoniums, Plumbago, and other tender plants.

Around the garden there are terracotta pots of all shapes and sizes, urns, wire sculptured animals, and seats in strategic places to sit and view the garden and surrounding hillsides and farmland. A Buff Orpington may well appear, and the geese will let you know they are watching!

Private group visits are welcome. Please contact us to arrange dates.

Plants from the garden, and a variety of garden related items are for sale, including pots, wire sculptures, upholstered furniture, cushions, textiles, and painted furniture

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